RT-11 Memory Issues

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Aug 19 15:53:01 2002

--- Megan <mbg_at_theworld.com> wrote:
> > I've finally got this old PDP-11/24 up and running. The system has
> > 1 meg of RAM, but keeps giving insufficient memory errors when trying
> > to run various programs (like ADVENT.) I can't believe that ADVENTure
> > would eat up more than 1 megabyte of ram. Is there some tuning bit
> > that I am missing here?
> Unless the program has been designed to use extended memory overlays, or
> specifically designed to use extended memory directives, it is limited to
> the standard virtual memory address space of 56kb, minus whatever is used
> by the monitor (and this is carved out of the low 56kb of the machine...
> the rest of the 1mb is unused).

Since ADVENT is such a monster, overlays or no, another thing that might
matter is a) which monitor you are using and b) which version of RT-11.
I do not have hard statistics to quote, but I am fairly certain that
between RT-11 v4.0 and v5.3 (two of the more common versions still in
use today) and between the various monitors, there can be several Kbytes
of difference in free memory - enough to matter to something as large

OTOH, if you are building from source, that might matter, too, depending
on the version of the compiler (the libraries/runtime, essentially), too.


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