Mac benchmarking

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Tue Aug 20 01:07:01 2002

While trying to benchmark Fusion PC (as a IIci) on my AMD DOS PC, I threw
together a small implementation of the Sieve of Eratosthenes and Ahl's
Simple Benchmark to test integer and FPU performance. Like everything else
in my life, this snowballed, so here is the fruit of my labours for people
who are interested in benchmarking their 68K Macintosh.

The reference is a Mac Plus running 6.0.8 with 2.5MB RAM and the stock 8MHz
68000 CPU. However, to make it really vintage, I tested it against a Mac
Plus running System 1.1 and it worked! 512K RAM recommended.

Just to prove I have a sense of humour, the benchmark is in Modula-2.

Some of the tests ran on my classic Mac stable had rather startling results.
For example, the Daystar PowerCentral control panel seems to accelerate FPU
performance on the IIci, even with no Daystar hardware installed.


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