Latest Delivery - DEC & Intel

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Date: Tue Aug 20 10:42:00 2002

I've said it before, but it is worth repeating. It is nice once you get 'em
trained to bring the stuff to you. The problem is that you have to take it
all, it just does not seem proper to pick and choose from their vehicle when
they deliver it.

Anyway, the latest:

5 DEC BA42 Storage Expansion boxes containing 8 RZ5x drives (RZ55 thru RZ58)
  also found an IBM drive mounted to a TZ30 mounting bracket in one of the
  boxes, hey SCSI is SCSI.

5 DEC binders, 3 are Ultrix Sys Admin volumes, 1 for the 5000/200, 1 for the
  DECstation 3100

AutoCad for the DECstation 3100

Ultrix 4.4 tapes (VAX)

Kodak laser printer

VME chassis and a couple prototype cards.

6 Gateway 486 desktops

9 Compudyne desktops, a couple are 386, the rest 486

I could have done without the Compudynes. Many do have network cards
worth pulling. Also at least one has some 4mb 30 pin SIMMs.

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