HP1000F ?

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Tue Aug 20 13:02:00 2002

HP's are very interesting, to HP fans anyway!

What you have in the picture is ~most~ of a HP 2117F. The floating
point accelerator box is not shown.
Without the floating point box, you have bascially a HP 2113 with some
optional microcode installed.

Its binary code compatible with old HP mini computers going back to the
HP2116, so you can run HPBASIC
and other things like that. The HP operating systems were called RTE,
and the most recent version that ran
on your box would be RTE-6VM.

Its not a 'pretty' operating system however.

If all you have is the processor box, your best bet to getting this
system doing interesting things is to build
a tape reader emulator so you can load paper tape images from a PC.
 This will allow you to run HP's
version of BASIC, or any other code you can get from the HP 2100 archive

Additionally there is a freeware stand-alone, FORTH-like operating
system and programming language for
 HP minicomputers that will run very nicely on your processor.

Lastly there are a number of built-in microcode diagnostics to test your
machine and its memory, so when you
want to fire the thing up, drop me a note and I'll go over some of the
tricks and configuration details.

Glen Slick wrote:

> Is there a good source of info about HP1000 systems on the net
> somewhere? Are they interesting systems?
> Is there someone on the list that knows what this box is and can
> provide a quick summary of interesting details about it? I don't have
> any more info about this particular system other than the picture below.
> http://home1.gte.net/~gslick/hp1000/hp1000f.jpg
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