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Date: Tue Aug 20 17:34:00 2002

I use some of them, I had a all or nothing deal so I got them all. The tapes
are 18.00 each min order 10. The pod I am looking for is a Z8000 my error. I
have a 9100 mainframe also, but It seems to be so software dependent that I
haven't figured how to load and save my programs. I need to figure how to
hook the 9010 and/or the 9100 to a pc so I can key in my very long programs
and save them, or at least load from a PC. I used to use the 9010 but the
company policy was not to allow techs to do anything beyond insert tape and
run the test. Now I work for a new company and I have to figure how to do all
this other stuff oh fun of wearing many hats.
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