chip pinout help

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 00:20:01 2002

I'm reverse engineering the PC boards in my Wang 2200. I have been able to
find most of the chips that have been used on the board I'm currently
workign on, except for a couple.

Does anybody know the pinout for these?

1) 8T10, quad latch (with either tristate or open-collector outputs, I
don't know which)
     It is a TTL device, made by Signetics, I think. 16 pins. 1976 date code.
     (N8T10B is the fullly qualified part name)

2) This one is a reverse job. The microcode board has quite a few mask ROM
chips. I don't care what the actual part number is, but I'm hoping someone
will say, "hey, that pinout is just like a ..." so that I can find a prom
programmer to read the thing. If I have to, I guess I could build a
parallel port dongle to read them. Here's what I know:

        24 pins
        data out on pins 16-23
        pin 1 is +5V
        pins 2-8, 10, 11, 13, 15 are the address pins
        pin 14 is either a chip select or output enable; active low
        pins 12 and 24 are pulled up to +5; chip selects maybe?
        pin 9 might be -15V (!)

Embarrassingly, I can't find a connection to GND. unfortunately, I don't
know the backplane connections either, so I can't identify if pin 9 is
really -V or just an alternate ground (but I see a bypass cap between the
digital ground and this net, so it makes me think).

BTW, I have started a web page to archive this information if anybody cares:

So far I only have one simple I/O board done. Once I have enough of the
system figured out, I'll write an emulator for it. That's where all this
reverse engineering drudgery becomes fun.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Jim Battle ==
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