Microsoft vs Lindows

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 12:16:15 2002

>I have some old (late seventies/early eighties) computer graphics books that
>have entire chapters on windows. What about the Lisa. It came out in 1983,
>but I'm assuming that Apple used the term 'window' to describe it's
>interface prior to it's actual release. What about TopView? Was it pre 1983?
>Probably not.

        When I was researching the timeline for my site, I came up
with the following dates for TopView:

        November 1983 - already in development when MS approaches IBM
about Windows.
        August 1984 - IBM formally announced TopView
        February 1985 - TopView released

        Compare this to the Windows 1.0 announcement in June 1985 and
it's release in November 1985, though MS had announced working on it
as far back as November 1983. Late '83 is also when MS and IBM began
developing OS/2.

        Also interesting to note are the dates for GEM (announced
fall 1984) and DESQview 1.0 (released July 1985). I liked
DESQview...used it all the time to run Telix as a background task for
file downloads and such while having Rbase or Wordstar running in the

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