Wanted: Cromemco assistance

From: Curt Vendel <curt_at_atari-history.com>
Date: Thu Aug 22 13:59:00 2002

Hi Eric,

   Actually I have the boards for the 800 Development system, here are some
photo's of them. No these are definitely 2600 Emulation boards as they say
it right on the boards, some custom sheetmetal face plates were made for the
switches, joystick ports and rf out on the board to test the games.


If you'd like to see the Stella emulator gear, let me know, I'll send them
to you in a priv email.


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> Curt Vendel wrote:
> > I am planning on purchasing a Cromemco Z-2 system shortly, it has some
> > special purpose Atari designed boards installed and was used within
> > Atari to develop Atari 2600 VCS games. However the unit is missing
> > the front cover, disk drive and OS software. If anyone can point me
> > to a site(s) with good information on the systems and anyone who may
> > have spare parts to sell like boards, keyboard and so forth, please let
> > me know, thanks.
> Are you sure it was for 2600 development? The ones that I've heard of
> were for 400/800 development. Basically they had the Atari 400/800
> circuitry grafted onto an S100 bus. There was a 6502 CPU card. The
> system had the POKEY, ANTIC, and CTIA chips, but I don't recall whether
> they were on the CPU card or a separate card. The memory card was a
> standard S100 card. In principle, you would be able to run at least
> some of the regular Atari 400/800 software on it. The disk controller
> in the system was for development use only, and was NOT compatible with
> any regular Atari disk controller, although you could write a handler
> for it, and perhaps Atari had one. But you could hook up an 810, 1050,
> or the like just as with a "normal" Atari. And of course the EPROM
> programmer was not a standard Atari 400/800 feature.
> About ten years ago, I bought a binder full of docs on the 400/800
> dev system from Weird Stuff Warehouse. Unfortunately the system itself
> was nowhere to be seen, so either it had already sold, or was in the back
> warehouse somewhere, or (less likely) Weird Stuff only got the docs.
> I still have the binder. It's somewhere in a collection of about 400
> Conticos and boxes, and I don't know which one. Eventually I'll find it
> and get the stuff scanned.
> But if what you have was really for 2600 development, I don't know
> anything about it. Given how early the 2600 was developed, I'm dubious
> that they would have used S100 gear, but it's possible.
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