OT: LCD panel / backlight...

From: Chris Craft <ccraft_at_springsips.com>
Date: Fri Aug 23 17:53:01 2002

I did a little further disassembly and found a miniscule flourescent tube,
but it wasn't broken. I put everything back together, giving firming nudges
to all connections and tried it... the gods must be smiling upon me for,
behold, it works!

I've dodged the bullet ;) the laptop really belongs to my employer.


On Friday, 23. August 2002 16:34, John Honniball wrote:
> Chris Craft wrote:
> > Anyone have any hints on what to do with the LCD display whose backlight
> > has quit? I can still (barely) see that the TFT panel is working, but
> > there's no light behind it, making it rather difficult to see. The panel
> > looks physically ok, but it could have gotten beat up...
> I've taken apart an early Toshiba LCD-screened laptop and found bits of
> broken glass behind the LCD. There were small fluorescent tubes behind
> the LCD to act as the backlight. Somebody had broken one (maybe by
> dropping
> the machine), fixed it, and left some glass behind.
> Newer laptops have flat electroluminescent panels instead of glass
> tubes.
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