Sanyo MBC-555 - help?

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Aug 23 18:15:44 2002

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Sanyo MBC-555 - help?

    Good luck. You'll need it!

>I've got one of these cuties (monochrome monitor), but no
>software or docs. Disk spins on power up, but no text at
>all on screen; have tried PC-DOS 1.0 through 3.3, but no
>message of any sort. Is this normal with a non-Sanyo disk,
>or does it have a problem?

   It uses it's own pecular version of DOS. NOTHING else will work in it. IIRC the only two versions that I know of that were released for it were DOS 1.1 and 2.11. I MAY still have copies here somewhere. The Sanyo has a number of IBM incompatiblities, including the fact that the video memory is not at a fixed location. It's location varies depending on the amount of memory installed and other factors. That alone means that SW that writes dirctly to video memory will not work on the Sanyo. For example Lotus 123 version 1A works but version 2 doesn't.

>Anybody have a boot disk, and if so, can it be tele-disked
>or would I need the physical diskette?

    I have NEVER been able to get Teledisk to work for ANY disks.

    I wouldn't have another one of those things if you gave it to me on a silver platter!


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