Tada! IMSAI and CP/M working

From: J.C. Wren <jcwren_at_jcwren.com>
Date: Fri Aug 23 23:45:01 2002

I thought Trek-80 only ran on the VDP boards. Or did they have a version
for terminals? (I mostly played it on the SOL-20).


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> Took a while but I finally got my Dual 8" Drives to boot to CP/M.
> Here is the photo:
> http://www.msdsite.com/vcomp/imsai/photos.html
> Now, to figure out my other boards like the Cromemco 64KZ. I think
> I'm making some progress with the help of others.
> Mike
Cool - but it would be even cooler to see Startrek.bas running on that

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