CoCo 2 video ( Was: These darned old computers)

From: tim lindner <>
Date: Sat Aug 24 08:07:01 2002

> The Radio Shack Color Computer 2 is confusing. And somewhat lame. I have
> to go find the disk controller carthridge to attach disk drives to it.
> Then I have to find the proper disk drives. Fine. But I can't figure out
> the video. I want to connect it to an Amdek color monitor. The only
> video jack is the RCA type on the back that seems to be a built in RF
> modulator. So needless to say I don't get video on the display. I can't
> find any mention on the web of adding an external monitor to the CoCo.
> The CoCo2 is lame. I do not like the CoCo2.
> Any idea on how to hook the CoCo2 to a composite monitor?

Hey, lets not bash the CoCo 2. It was meant only to be connected to a TV.

People used to sell composite conversion kits. But I haven't seen anything
recently. Except the rare modded CoCo 2 on eBay.

Best place to ask is on USENET: bit.listserve.coco. Someone usualy has
something tucked away in a drawer.

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