Dead C-64 (was Re: These darned old computers)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sat Aug 24 11:09:00 2002

--- Sellam Ismail <> wrote:
> The Commodore 64 I have is just plum dead. Or at least it seems to be.

That's entirely possible. The 82S100 PLA address controller is probably
the most common thing to fail when you have a completely dead machine.
You can pull one from another C-64 to verify. Replacements can be
burned if you have a source of blank 82S100s and a burner.

> The video cable I am using has four connectors on it: red, yellow, white
> and black. The 1702 monitor has three jacks on the back: chroma, luma
> and audio. I tried all different combinations trying to get video on the
> display but no die. What's the deal with that? I think I'm using the
> wrong video cable, but all the C64 stashes I check turn up this
> 4-connector cable.

I have used a variety of DIN-5 to RCA cables in the past on the C-64.
Worst case, you can look up the pinout of the DIN-5 video connector
and use a VOM/continuity meter to prove which RCA jack is which signal.

You can also use the front jacks on a 1702 - composite and audio. Not
as nice, but it works fine. I used to use two computers at once from
my 1702 (three if you count the aftermarket RGB interface I stuffed into
mine - was supposed to be RGBI, but I hacked it for analog RGB and used
it with my Amiga 1000 for years).

> ...Grrr. I still hate the C64.

Sorry to hear that. They made me a lot of money (used to write
commercial products, c. 1982-1984). They aren't the epitome of
1980s design, but they sure did ship a lot of them.


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