These darned old computers

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Sat Aug 24 12:56:00 2002

> Sellam Ismail wrote:
> >The TRS-80 M3 was a LOT of work but I finally got it running. It turns
> >out the problem with most of the units I tested most likely was a bad
> >keyboard or just my ignorance in not knowing how to boot it into BASIC ;)
> . . .
> >The Radio Shack Color Computer 2 is confusing. And somewhat lame. I have
> >to go find the disk controller carthridge to attach disk drives to it.
> >Then I have to find the proper disk drives. Fine.

The drives are not much of a problem. TM100-1 with a power supply (-2, or
"360K" will work) Radio Shack did the drive select in the cable. So you
can either make your own cable and do "normal" drive select, or use the RS
cable and jumper all of the drive select positions on.
For running OS-9 (Microware, NOT APPLE!), I'd recommend change the cable
and use DS drives.

> But I can't figure out
> >the video. I want to connect it to an Amdek color monitor. The only
> >video jack is the RCA type on the back that seems to be a built in RF
> >modulator. So needless to say I don't get video on the display. I can't
> >find any mention on the web of adding an external monitor to the CoCo.
> >The CoCo2 is lame. I do not like the CoCo2.
> >Any idea on how to hook the CoCo2 to a composite monitor?

clip leads.
for more permanent usage, wire in an RCA jack.
Tony can probably remember the exact connection points, or contact
Marty Goodman <>

On Sat, 24 Aug 2002, Bob Shannon wrote:
> Yes,
> A CoCo can be attached to any monitor, using a nail gun.

Some monitors are so flimsy that they can be damaged if you put a nail
through the CRT. For more temporary attachment, duct tape.
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