DEC3000/400 - D/UX3.2 & VT420

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Mon Aug 26 13:00:00 2002

On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, David Woyciesjes wrote:

> Is it possible to run a VT420 on my DEC 3000/400 (running Digital
> UNIX 3.2) while also having the PMAGB-B graphics console?
> IIRC, I cannot use serial port 1, since the I'm using the graphics
> console... I have the VT420 (9600,8,N,1) hooked to the printer port, using a
> DEC H8575-A REV B MMJ adaptor. All I got was a ~ (tilde) when I started it
> up. I also have a H8571-E, and a H8571-F adaptors. Should I be using ones of
> those instead, with a gender changer?

  If I understand what you want (a text login on the serial terminal,
in addition to the console on the PMAG-B?), you just need to turn on a
getty for the serial port. IIRC, there's a sample line in inittab.
  Port 1 should be available as a tty login, even with the graphics
console. It just doesn't get turned on by the system.

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