These darned old computers

From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Mon Aug 26 16:42:00 2002

> >So how much is this silly tv tax anyway? :)
> I don't know that I'd call it silly since the BBC seems to do
> a better job than the networks over here and the junk they tend to
> show. Especially if they don't get interupted by commercials every 8
> minutes or so.
Oh I'm sure the BBC content is very good. I enjoy watching BBC America on
occasion. However, it's not a voluntary thing. It seems that if you own
a device that is technically able to get their signal, you're stuck for
the tax. To me, that's silly. It's also a good reason to do your
damnedest to avoid the tax if you don't actually watch programs that are
delivered over the airwaves. Building a faraday cage around the TV should
do nicely. :)

I guess it boils down to if you use the service, by all means pay for it,
but if you try to charge me for something I don't consume, be prepared to
pull back a bloody stump when you stick your hand in my pocket. *grin*

I still would like to know how much they're charged.

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