[OT] UK TV Licenses (was Re: These darned old computers)

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Date: Mon Aug 26 18:27:01 2002

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> That's true but most products are still cheaper here than in the UK.
Explain that one!

We also had the 'pleasure' of a "Broadcast Listeners License' until the Govt
realised, that Aussies being Aussies,
wouldn't pay for it unless they absolutely had to, which meant sending Radio
Inspectors to do the rounds. This was costing more than the potential
revenue, and was an unpopular job, especially in view of the fines that were
levied as a consequence. At least some of the RI's took the initiative of
having blank forms with them and would issue licenses on the spot (which
they weren't supposed to do) rather than issuing a fine, which could provoke
some rather severe reactions from the lower end of the social scale, who
were also more likely not to have a license. In the end the Govt decided to
give it away as a bad joke, and got stuck into CB licensing instead. If
anything this was even more blithely ignored than the BCL and even harder to
enforce, despite the RI's best efforts, they ultimately made CB a free class
license as well and saved a fortune on Radio Inspectors wages. Where'd the
money go? Most of it went to enforcing the licensing, some supposedly
found it's way to the ABC (OZ equiv to BBC) but the standard of programming
then was mostly documentary stuff, and the odd movie, with some current
affairs stuff thrown in. With a few (mostly British) BBC series thrown in
(remember Z Cars?) The ABC is still Govt funded, and the programming has
iimproved somewhat, but it's not the sort of thing you watch all day if you
have a choice. I can't speak to the British experience, but the 'pay me'
licence didn't really work as far as ensuring quality progarmming.
Commercial TV did and still does beat it hands down. Pay tv is another
story. I've noted that it's now laced with commercials, which I find
offensive considering we pay to see them. Bit like spam really.

Geoff in Oz
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