BACK-OT: which CP/M machine is best (to copy)? :)

From: Ross Archer <>
Date: Mon Aug 26 19:08:00 2002

Geoff Reed wrote:
> all of the CP/M machines I have here at the moment are serial terminal
> based, I think that these are the rule, rather than the exception.

Coolness. Maybe I'm asking all the wrong questions.

The *right* question is: what terminal-based
system would be good to use as a starting point/reference
design? (i.e. "rip off and modify" :)

That is: what's your favorite terminal-based
CP/M system and why? :)
Big points for:
    * Well-documented
    * Available BIOS ASM sourcecode
    * Available schematics
    * Particularly popular, collectable appeal (might as
      emulate something people like.)
    * Unusually clever, minimalist, or just "good" designs.
It would be so cool to get a fast Z180 adapted to fit
as a superfast CP/M replica. :)
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