DEC3000/400 - D/UX3.2 & VT420

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Tue Aug 27 08:52:01 2002

Paul Thompson wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, David Woyciesjes wrote:
> > Well, all I had to do, was to flip the S3 switch on the back, and
> > comment out the tty01 line in /etc/inittab file...
> > Now to dig around in the docs, because I'm curious about how to get
> > more system messages to show on the VT420 console now...
> That would probably involve setting up the VT420's /device in syslog.conf
> with an appropriate logging level.
> I am surprised that the >>>set console graphics|serial firmware command
> was not involved, although I have not personally used that type of Alpha.
> --

        I don't recall how old exactly this 3000/400 is, but the firmware
options are definitely fewer than, say, the DEC Multia which is a bit
newer. Basically, it seems like the S3 switch on this generation of
Alphas is the original version of the firmware ">>>set console
graphics|serial" setting. Maybe once they had more room, they were able
to add that siwtch to the firmware...

        Just another observation... I have a LK401 keyboard on this 3000/400.
The [Shift][.] key combo in DECterm gives me the >, but here in Netscape
v4.08 (and also XTerm), it only gives me a period. Hmmm, odd. But I do
have the key that has does both < and >, which works in all 3
applications... Looks like the key mappings here in Motif need to be

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