These darned old computers

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Aug 27 13:44:00 2002

Rumor has it that Lawrence Walker may have mentioned these words:

> The 502 has a dummy faceplate for a second floppy and 2 data 34pin
>connectors and 2 standard 3 1/2 floppy plug types as you say and a
>whopping big PSU that must support 2 drives. There's one single square 2pin
>plug which doesn't have any visible connector on either drive.
> The only mod needed would be to replace the small power with a large type.

The PSU does support 2 drives, but when it does so, it gets a little
warm... that's what the 2-pin plug is for - Fan power. If you're using
newer drives that take less power (especially if it's 3.5" and you have
more room for convective cooling) it's not necessary (or at least *as*
necessary, if you power the machine for a short amount of time) but if you
plan on using that older TEAC, you'll want to fit in a compatible-sized
fan. The fan was included in the CoCo "Drive 1" kits...

Dunno if a standard PC case fan is the right size - my FD502 is still
packed away for now... (sniff) but if that's too big, a larger pentium-like
CPU fan should be just the ticket. If it's not *ezactly* the right size,
I'm sure suitable boltholes could be fashioned... ;-)

> That's great. When you don't have a HD, 2 floppies sure makes things
>easier. I recall with no pleasure spending hours doing the disk-change
>mambo copying programs off magazine disks on my Atari ST.

Yea, when I upgraded my CoCo3 to 512K, it wasn't so bad 'cause I fashioned
a 200K RAMdisk; which made copying stuff a wee bit easier; but the original
IBM PCs were tough, they'd only copy 3-4 tracks each spin... :-(

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