Olivetti M24 monitor

From: John Honniball <coredump_at_gifford.co.uk>
Date: Tue Aug 27 14:51:00 2002

Wouter de Waal wrote:
> I need to kludge a momitor for an M24 (which is
> running some kind of a cutting table for making
> rubber boats)
> I remember the machine from student days, and the
> monitor was, as far as I remember, not standard
> at all.

It has two nonstandard features:

   * High scan rates, leading to 640x400 resolution
   * 25-pin "D" connector instead of a 9-pin

I know we used some Aydin 19-inch monitors on M24s back
in 1986, but which models (and what scan rates) I can't

I did write some code to toggle a bit in the M24 and
cause the screen to degauss, though. One of the Olivetti's
enhanced features.

John Honniball
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