PDP-11 boards

From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_purdueriots.com>
Date: Tue Aug 27 19:38:00 2002

I managed to grab a whole bunch of UNIBUS boards without knowing what they
were today, and found out that they are basically the boards to an 11/40
CPU. Unforunately, I didn't see the rest of the CPU, or the M7237 board
(is it an optional board?) or a backplane or... just the boards:

M7231 KD11-A 11/40 data paths module
M7232 KD11-A 11/40 micro word module
M7233 KD11-A 11/40 IR decode module
M7234 KD11-A 11/40 timing module
M7235 KD11-A 11/40 processor status module
M7236 KT11-D 11/40 memory management module
M7238 KE11-E 11/40 EIS board
M7239 KE11-F 11/40 FIS control

Also I found a pair of 16KW _core_ memory cards (quad width). I separated
one board, and the cores are IMHO absolutely beautiful.

Two questions:

1) If I could find a backplane and powersuppl(ies), (and some peripheral
stuff), is this enough to make a functional CPU?

2) Does anyone want this stuff? I want to definately keep one of the core
memory boards, but the rest of it doesn't do me a whole lot of good. I'd
like something interesting in trade or some money over shipping costs if

I'm looking for a PDP-11/73 or -11/23 CPU to upgrade my LSI-11/2 :) along
with memory for it (I have 8KW I think), and/or an RQDX1/2/3 or similar
controller so I can attach some real (non-emulated) drives to it.

I don't have anything to test these boards, so I can't verify that they
work, of course, but they look in very good shape... no burn marks,
oxidation, not much dust, etc.

-- Pat
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