reviving a HP 9000/310

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Date: Wed Aug 28 01:17:01 2002

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 03:59:13PM +0100, Rumi Szabolcs wrote:
> On 2002.08.27 at 09:04 wrote:
> I tried that Ctrl-C trick several times now, but that "If you're lucky"
> situation doesn't seem to occur... :(

Did you try Ctrl-\ and ctrl-break as well ? My recollections of breaking
into those things might be a bit skewed but it always ended up with several
reboots and some serious pounding on the keyboard, just before it starts
complaining about bcheckrc. Yes, that's scientific.

> Btw, for the curious, I have put another firmware/bootrom screenshot
> with the booting selections (it works the way Joe described it). So
> one can select which system to boot, this is why I wrote in my first
> email that I need the HP-UX floppies: If I could put a bootable HP-UX
> floppy disk into the 3.5" drive of the 9153C then it would appear on
> that screen as a boot selection option, and I could boot from it.

I'd love to get the tapes for a 310. I've got one running basic and
I've got distribution tapes from 4.x to 5.x for 9000/500 and from 7.x
to 9.x for 9000/300 (no support for 310, I think).

Anyway, try pounding the keyboard heavily. Think of it as your enemy.
Have no mercy.

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