OpenVMS/Alpha Games?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Aug 28 17:05:01 2002

I'm trying to get a selection of games that will work on a Serial Terminal
up and running on my OpenVMS server (a PWS 433au running OpenVMS 7.2-1H1).
I'm finding that most games that are available for VMS date back to VAX/VMS
V3 or earlier. Does anyone know of any besides the following that will

  Advent 4.0A - Native
  Dungeon 3.2B - Native
  Empire 4.0 - Native
  NetHack 3.3.1 - Native
  Moria 4.5 - Vested
  Rogue 3.0 - Vested (doesn't seem to display right)
  King - Native
  Spacwr - Native (very old Star Trek game)
  Spacemine - Native (Ported from an old book of Basic Games I've had
                          for about 20 Years)
  Angband 2.8.0 - Native (but requires DECwindows)

I'm really looking for copies of the following that will work on an Alpha
running OpenVMS:
  Angband (that will work on a serial terminal)
  Rogue (a version that works right)
  zcode emulator
  Decent Star Trek game
  Moria 4.8 or 5.0
  Newer version of Empire
I'm also interested in any other good ones that I might not know about.

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