OpenVMS/Alpha Games?

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Wed Aug 28 18:29:00 2002

>I'm really looking for copies of the following that will work on an Alpha
>running OpenVMS:
> Decent Star Trek game

I went looking through the DECUS stuff. On VAX84C there is ST84 which is
billed as the ultimate Star Trek game.

Leafing through a catalogue, there's:

WORLD on V00036
DODGEM on V00039
MTREK on V00087
TREK.BAS on V00282
VAXstation games on V00322 (obviously unlikely to be text based ...)
UNO on V00401
HACK on V00526
An Othello game on VS0175

Some of these should be available directly from the decus (now encompass)
web site. I expect I have *some* of them on tape in the attic (time to move
from 9-track, TK50/70 and DAT to CDROM I guess ...)

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