S-100 Board Info Needed

From: Mike Davis <ipscone_at_msdsite.com>
Date: Wed Aug 28 19:49:01 2002

Ok, I have a couple of boards that I need some info on.

I have a Processor Tech. 16KRA (16K RAM) board. There are three
components missing on the board.

U40 14 pin DIP
U42 16 pin DIP
U58 16 pin DIP

Anyone know what they are? There are also 2 8-pin dip switches that
control addressing and who knows what else. Anyone have the switch

There is also an analog area in the lower left that has a transistor
or two and a data delay module????

The other board is an EconoRAM X. It has 5257N RAMs but I can't find
anything on the RAM. Are these 4Kx1?

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