[OT] UK TV Licenses (was Re: These darned old computers)

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Wed Aug 28 20:50:01 2002

 Actually it came from Canada your neighbor on the north where the Bush
administration is doing everything in it's power to wipe out our economy and
social programs like health-care for his corporate sponsors, not to mention
the opposition to the KYOTO Accords as our lakes and country are being
wiped out by acid rain and pollution drifting north from a corporate friendly
administration denying there's a problem.

Jack Vallenti the Hollywood lobbyist has virtually wiped out our independent
film culture, and our media was forced to accept US publications like Time
on par with Canadian ones back in the Kennedy era. Yes, and many
Canadians have little critical perceptions and watch the same TV programs
you do. The US cultural behemoth is like the Borg. You WILL be assimilated

 Due to NAFTA our manufacturing industry is a fading memory, and even our
resource industries like lumber are under attack by powerful US industries,
ignoring the provisions of NAFTA. Under NAFTA we are sued if we prohibit
certain chemicals in US products known to be dangerous to public health.
Inflated US subsidies to agriculture are decimating our farmers, and on and
on. Fortunately we aren't an enemy cause our government more or less toes
the US corporate line. I guess it could be worse. Thank Gods for corporate-
sponsored democracy.

 Self-defense ? Oh c'mon. That's laughable coming from the most powerful
country in the world. At present in most countries the US is simply a bully
using it's economic and military strength much as Britian did in the 19th
century. Is it just an accident that Americans are despised the world over ?
Just envy ? Both my parents were born in the US, I lived for a couple of years
in the Boston area, my former wife is a US citizen and I could have likely
claimed dual-citizenship. I have many US friends, my argument isn't with
them, it's with brain-dead US firsters.
 As far as social programs for those not fortunate enough to have a big
paycheck, the small farmers, the migrant workers who put produce on your
table, the homeless, the hi-crime impoverished ghettoes, try comparing them
to every major industrialized nation. Try approaching it without flag-waving,
read Michael Harrington. Studs Terkel, and many, many US authors that love
the US but not it's business-oriented government (maybe read one that isn't
US Amerrican), especially both the last two administrations. Watch less
indoctrinating spindoctor releases on mainstream TV. Ask why the US was
the last country to accept commonly available social programs in all the
major industrialized nations. I avoided the Phrase "brainwashed by monetary

 My apologies to the list. This is no place for this sort of rant but the gross
assumptions of some US list members is too often ignored and repeated.
 I'll not respond to further provocations on this thread.


> Backwards?
> What little things like the right of self-defense?
> This is laughable, comming from the UK!
> Sellam Ismail wrote:
> >On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Lawrence Walker wrote:
> >
> >> But then again the UK, like most of the industrialized countries in the
> >>world has health-care. In social benefits the US is pretty backward.
> >>
> >
> >In *many* respects the US is pretty backward.
> >
> >But that would take this WAY off-topic...
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