OpenVMS/Alpha Games?

From: Megan <>
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:35:00 2002

>From what I've read, banned inside of DEC is the best description :^) It
>uses creatures and spells straight from D&D.

Yep, I know exactly which one you speak of... I have the sources
for the pascal version of the game, along with the data files,
preserved for almost 20 years.

I have ported the game to C using curses (actually, it was mostly
a brute-force translation from the pascal) and have it running
at least as well as the original pascal version (which was incomplete)
at home on my Alpha PWS running Linux.

I've been in contact with one of the people who was responsible for
writing the pascal version, and am trying to get ahold of all the
others so that I can figure out how to write up a 'copyright' page
with proper attributions.

>Basically all I know is what's written up at the following webpage:

>It was written by Daniel Lawrence, started on the PDP-10, was ported to
>RSTS/E part way through, and after that ported to VAX/VMS.

I played it on RSTS/E when I was working at Parker St (DEC) in Maynard
back in 1977. Actually, the pascal version was also built on RSTS
using, I believe, the OMSI compiler, and ran on RT-11.

Dan has apparently given permission for any and all versions of the
game to exist with his blessing, but since the source I have had
a copyright which is problematic (since it doesn't mention him), I
have to try to do the right thing.

>I grabbed the source off of the web page above, and it almost works. In
>fact it might work, IF, I could figure out exactly how to build it. BTW,
>the "TOPS-20" executable, looks to be a VMS V1.0 executable.

If/when I can resolve the issues of attribution, I'd love to make it
available... should I even bother with sourceforge? :-)

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