OpenVMS/Alpha Games?

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Wed Aug 28 23:45:00 2002

> >From what I've read, banned inside of DEC is the best description :^) It
> >uses creatures and spells straight from D&D.
> Yep, I know exactly which one you speak of... I have the sources
> for the pascal version of the game, along with the data files,
> preserved for almost 20 years.
> I have ported the game to C using curses (actually, it was mostly
> a brute-force translation from the pascal) and have it running
> at least as well as the original pascal version (which was incomplete)
> at home on my Alpha PWS running Linux.
> I've been in contact with one of the people who was responsible for
> writing the pascal version, and am trying to get ahold of all the
> others so that I can figure out how to write up a 'copyright' page
> with proper attributions.

If this is the one I'm familiar with, I've got the source and
executable for a version written in BASIC.
Eric Dittman
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