From: Curt Vendel <curt_at_atari-history.com>
Date: Thu Aug 29 08:26:00 2002

Hi Zane,

    I'm just using it to have some fun, work on recovering old Atari Vax
Tape data and then experimenting with the Vax and maybe playing around with
putting parts of the Atari Museum website up on it, all in the pursuit of
fun :-)


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Subject: Re: VMS TCP/IP?

> > WASD??? I'll look into it. What kills me is I used to have a few
> > with Multinet on them and as the years went by they disappeared, I have
> > of the books for Digital TCP Services but can't find the CD for that
> > damned shame.
> >
> > The Hobbyist thing, its what $90 to join and get the cd's and such or
> > something like that, right?
> Look for the free Encompass membership option (Associate?). The CD's are
> something like $20, and there is supposed to be a new set in the works,
> will be done in the next month or two. Once you've got a valid Encompass
> (DECUS) membership you can download Multinet and TCPware from the Process
> Software website.
> Remember, the hobbyist licenses restrict you from using the system for
> anything other than hobbyist use.
> Zane
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