WTB: box of 8" cleaning disks

From: MTPro_at_aol.com <(MTPro_at_aol.com)>
Date: Thu Aug 29 13:25:00 2002

I have e-mailed Joe about what I have - a nice brand new set of three in
their original package. The package is not sealed in plastic, but the disks
look new and unused. I'm going to keep one, but will sell his people two
disks and the case. Anyone want to comment on their worth? Thanks, David

David Greelish
Classic Computing
"classiccomputing" on eBay

Please see:


<< I do have some for my TRS80 m.2 and possibly my Shugart, but I'm hanging
on to them like a leech.
What about fabricating some with 8" jackets. After all they're simply
abrasive absorbent paper in an 8" envelope. No ?
 On the other hand, after reading the other replies, possibly I could spare
ONE for suitable goods or renumeration. The TRS 8" Heath, and Shugart
ARE easy to get at the head(s).
 If interested contact me. They are NOT in hermetically sealed packages.

Lawrence >>
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