IIc+ mouse `A+ Little Mouse'

From: David Woyciesjes <DAW_at_yalepress3.unipress.yale.edu>
Date: Fri Aug 30 09:02:00 2002

> --- Robert Schaefer wrote:
> Had a mouse attached to it, and it wasn't until I
> got it home that I noticed it was an optical mouse.
> Mfgr'd by Mouse
> Systems... It seems that the IIc+ will take the older
> DE9 style Mac
> mice, so this might be for one of those.
> Does this little guy need a fancy pad?

> --- On 08/28/02, Ethan Dicks scribbled:
> I would expect so. They are much rarer than the mice.

> --- From: "David A. Woyciesjes"
> You know, I do believe I have an extra Mouse Systems metal mouse
> pad, that looks a lot like the pad I have for my Sun
> Optical mouse. I'll
> have to check when I get home tonight.
> If it's the right nodel number for you, you can have it for
> (what's a reasonable price?) plus shipping...

> --- From: Robert F. Schaefer
> Thanks! How can I tell if it's the right one? Currently, I
> can't even say if the mouse actually works.

        Well, I have the pad, which has NDY 402631-001 on a sticker on the
back. It's 7.75" wide by 7" high. about 0.5" smaller, in both directions,
than my Sun Optical mouse pad. Hmmm, there are a couple scratches on the
right side... Well, considering how old it probably is...

(...and, in another message...)
> --- From: Ethan Dicks
> There are two pads used with Sun mice - type 3/4 mice
> and type 5 mice. You want the older one (coarser grid)

        I didn't even think of comparing that with my Sun pad. From memory,
I think this one has a coarser grid, but I'm not positive. Let me crack out
my ruler & a magnifying lens...
It appears to be 5 lines per every 2mm.
        My Sun keyboard is a Type 5, But I don't think the optical mouse
came with it. I can check the Sun mouse and pad this weekend...

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