OT: Global Village OneWorld Fax

From: chris <mythtech_at_mac.com>
Date: Fri Aug 30 13:40:00 2002

This item is still off topic for another few years (introduced in 1995),
but I want to ask here because I know most of us have large piles of
assorted equipment.

I just aquired a Global Village OneWorld Combo Fax/Network modem. But it
lacks the power supply brick for it. Do any of you per chance have one of
these things (or the sister units the Network Fax, or just Network
Modem). And if so, can you tell me the pinouts and power specs so I can
locate/build a new power supply?

It uses a mini din 3 connector. The connector is the same style used on
apple local talk cables (3 pins plus a 4th plastic guide block). I am
assuming it will end up being AC power, and one pin each for hot,
neutral, and ground.

The manual says it uses a Din 8 for external 110v power adaptor... but I
REALLY think the 8 pin connector is for the localtalk support. Localtalk
boxes never came with a 3 pin plug for connecting to a device, only 8
pin, and the symbol over the 8 pin is a typical localtalk double arrow
and matches the symbol over one of the status lights in the front. The
symbol over the 3 pin is a typical AC wave symbol, that port is also
right next to the on/off switch.

Internally there isn't enough components to regulate a 110 connection, so
the brick must step it down to something else.

Anyone got one of these and can tell me the specs? I did some googling,
but no luck finding anything helpful (I will try Global Village directly,
but I think they have more or less died off since Zoom took them over as
part of the Boca buyout).

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