PDP-9 lives again....

From: Hans B Pufal <hansp_at_aconit.org>
Date: Sat Aug 31 14:54:00 2002

Kris Kirby wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Tom Uban wrote:

>>For a temporary X/Y screen solution, you might consider using a display
>>from any
>>of the Atari vector graphics games, such as Asteroids. They should be cheaply
>>available -- most were made by Wells Gardner.

> what about an o-scope? Or I am being hideously naive about a computer
> older than I am?

Not at all, in fact that is what we use at the moment. The problem is
that the screen is far too small to provide any audience participation
when the computer is on display (pardon the pun).

  -- hbp

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