Um, OK....

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sat Aug 31 15:05:00 2002

  One of the well-known two-edged factors in collecting like we do is
the fact that all your friends/neighbors/colleagues/family decide you're
a better option than Goodwill. "Don't throw out that rusty 3.5" floppy
drive! Doc _collects_ that stuff!"
  So when one of said friends makes a beeline for me at the meeting this
morning, and says "I heve a TRUNK FULL of stuff for you!" I just smile
and say "Oh, cool!" She's really excited about giving me this stuff....
  We go out to her car and, yep. Four desktop floppy storage boxes. An
obviously dead, stripped Deskjet 520. Random power cables and phone
cords. An AT keyboard, sans most of the caps.
  And then, O. My. Gods.
  Two complete and apparently perfect Texas Instruments "Silent 700"
data terminals. One is roughly the shape of, and a little bigger than,
a Zenith 286 portable with built-in acoustic coupler, and the other is
smaller, in a soft carrying case, with external coupler and I think
those are two spare battery packs.
  All righty then! I never had an actual printing terminal before.
This looks like hours and hours of frust^H^H^H^H, um, fun.

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