Um, OK....

From: Chris <>
Date: Sat Aug 31 20:46:00 2002

> Oh. Well, yeah. They're mostly the same folk. As contradictory as
>that sounds, it is really the truth.

Amazing how that is huh. They'll give you all the real junk, but toss the
stuff that is of interest.

>Let me guess. "But I thought you only like OLD Macs?"

No, it was more along the lines of "Well, it never worked right for me
anyway". My retort was simply "Yeah, but you're a moron" (I've known his
brother since I was in the 3rd grade... so I can get away with calling
him a moron and not fear that he will stiff me when he junks the iMac G4
in a month when he craps it up too.)

And to add insult to my weekend... I just got back from my sister's house
(had to fix her PC, her kids shoved the power button clean out of the
front of the case). It seems her husband did the same thing to me. They
got a new PC, and she planned to turn the old one into a kids gaming
computer. But her husband decided it was taking up space and gave it to
some guy he knows from work last month. At least I don't mind half as
much with this one, it was only a P180 Compaq, this little black, non
expandable desktop unit. And it went to another user rather than the
trash. No serious loss. (although it would have made a nice tiny netBSD
server since the thing was little bigger than a VCR)

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