Quick intro and requests

From: Justin Frim <jfrim_at_idirect.com>
Date: Sat Aug 31 21:21:58 2002


Just a quick introduction... My name's Justin, and I've been collecting old computers for quite a while
now. Just joined the list today. :)

Now for a requests:

Among my collection is an NEC ProSpeed 286 laptop computer, which seems to be in full working condition.
The only problem is I have no manuals, drivers, or utilities for it. I couldn't find anything on the
internet despite extensive searching, and contacting NEC support as well as scouring through the NEC FTP
site. My specific problems are I can't switch to the external video output, or activate the serial port,
parallel port, or internal modem (which I think is 2400 bps).

Second, I have a 486 Philips P 3464 server tower, which I think runs at 25 MHz but I'm not completely
sure. Likewise, I don't have any software or documentation for it. Fortunately, I do have the key which
was conveniently stuck in the keyswitch when I picked up the computer! And although it looks like it has
a ROM based BIOS setup complete with a debugger, I have no idea how to use it's arcane interface and I
can't even get the computer to boot from a hard drive!

If anyone has any information on these computers, drivers, utilities, setup programs, etc, please let me
know! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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