ASR33 questions

From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Sat Aug 31 21:24:06 2002

I just received one of William's ASR33s and it appears to be in good
working order. I am not at all familiar with these machines so I have a
few questions about their operation and interfacing.

First off, when I power on this unit the "main" motor doesn't run. It
turns when moved manually, but it won't move by itself. Depending on
the motor position at power-up (I think) I sometimes hear what sounds
like a warning buzzer. Is there something I'm doing wrong? How would I
run this machine in "local" mode?

Once I figure out that this machine is working (I assume the problems
are mine and not the machines) I'd like to hook it up to my Altair
(which is now running great thanks to Dwight!). How would I go about
doing this? I'm guessing I'll need some sort of box to interface
between the TTY and RS232, but I haven't yet found any information on
that. Can anyone point me to an article, website or some other source
of information on this?

If I manage to get that all done, is there anyone on this list who has
software on paper tape that I could get copies of? I'd be most
interested in a BASIC variant and any BASIC programs that could run on
it, but anything else would be great.

What am I missing? Is there anything else I should know?


   Erik S. Klein
Received on Sat Aug 31 2002 - 21:24:06 BST

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