Any body know anything about :Laser P5

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Sat Aug 31 23:27:00 2002

It's a small keyboard and 80x8 line display. built in software seems to be a
word processor, spreadsheet, calculator, database (1 text field), Phone
numbers, spell checker. seems to be aimed at the ed market.

I picked it up because there is a legend on the outside that suggests it runs
some kind of BASIC, but the option turned out to be a keyboarding drill.

Anyway, found lots of surface stuff on the web, but I am interested in:

1) what processor
2) pinout of IO port on back
3) Can I add a BASIC (I don't mind if I can junk the WP et all at the same

here's the Place that made it:

Hey Sellam, what would you want to trade for it? : ^ )

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