Selling it off. What would you keep ?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Dec 1 00:42:00 2002

For me it boils down to, I hate to toss anything, but I have a whole lot of
weird stuff that I personally have no particular interest in. That is the
first segment that is going to go, along with the stuff that actually has
some value, and anything broken without an obvious repair path.

What to keep, maybe...

II, IIe, II+, a clone, a few IIgs and some IIe cards for mac.

128k, 512k, plus, portable (a few), SE/30 (a few), MacTV, a few mid range
machines, a pile of IIfx, a few Starmaxes, but not sure about stuff in between.

5150 (a few), XT, a few portables, a few 286/386 curiousities, a few 486
workers, one each for each class of machine up to new. plus my 9595 collection

a few HP boxes from 400 apollo to maybe decent PArisc,

Not sure
Game consoles, parts, books
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