Selling it off. What would you keep ?

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Sun Dec 1 12:12:00 2002

On Saturday, November 30, 2002, Fred N. van Kempen wrote:
> > > I just wish the internet was around 10 years ago.
> >
> > Fortunately, it was.
> Well, yes, but not everywhere, and _certainly_ not for everyone.

10 years ago, my 'internet connection' in Oklahoma was an email gateway on a
college BBS with a 1-800 number, to which I'd gained access through by
pretending to be someone else. Let's just say that FTP by email is not the
Next Big Thing.

Then a dialup ISP started up in Lawton. I paid some $/hour plus long
distance charges, because everything was long distance from my little town.
Various other dialup schemes were used since then. The town didn't get its
own ISP until last year, after I had already moved away.

It was all still very fun, though.

Jeffrey Sharp
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