XT Clone with a bus board?

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Sun Dec 1 15:31:01 2002

At 12:38 PM 12/1/02 -0500, Pat wrote:
>On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Chad Fernandez wrote:
>> Hmm, my Zenith XT wasn't as wide as an IBM XT but was taller. I
>> wouldn't compare it to an AT, although the later 386 Zeniths I saw had a
>> csse comparable in size to IBM AT. It was the later 386's that were
>> supposed to be able to fall off of a moving truck, as I was told.
>> My Zenith XT has 3 drive bays, one on top of the other. I can't tell if
>> Sarks computer does or not.
>Never mind, you're right. I've only seen one with a 'narrow but tall'
>case before, and it was laying in pieces at the time.
>> >
>> > Of course, there are also newer machines with passive backplanes, I think
>> > JDR microdevices has sold 'the parts' for ISA and PCI (PIC/MG?) passive
>> > backplane machines.
>> Do you mean those rack mount multiple computers in one case type things?
>No, just a single ISA or PCI backplane (or both) that had a single
>processor card and several slots for I/O cards. I'm not sure if JDR still
>carries the, I haven't seen their catalog in at least 5 years.

    Yes, you could mount more than one system in those cases. I had about 30 Advantech rackmount systems that had 15(?) slot backplanes and the backplanes were divided into two sections. You could run a separate CPU and I/O cards in each section. The power supply was common as I recall. Several of these system had HP-IB cards and each computer was linked to the other one in the same case by HP-IB!

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