Superb Exidy System on Ebay in Holland

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Mon Dec 2 12:13:01 2002

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>> On Nov 25, 21:28, Curt Vendel wrote:
>> > Anybody who is into this system should check it this auction I found on
>> > Ebay:
>> >
>> 074514971
>> >
>> > The guy also has some nice Commodore stuff, a Sony (MSX?)
>> System and some
>> > other cool stuff too.
>> The coolest item there, for me, is his Jupiter Ace. For those who don't
>> know, it's a FORTH machine, and fairly rare. It's based on a Sinclair
>> ZX81, and named after the Pilot ACE computer built in 1950 at the National
>> Physical Laboratory.
>Not strictly true; it was designed by Richard Altwasser (hardware) and
>Steven Vickers (ROMs) after they'd left Sinclair and formed Jupiter Cantab;
>both had previously worked with the ZX80 (Richard) and 81 (Richard/Steven)
>and I think Steven also wrote some of the firmware for the Spectrum. It's
>design is more ZX80 than 81 in that it's a single board machine with the
>membrane keyboard incorporated on the mainboard.
>I don't think there were any differences between the Ace and the Ace 4000,
>though I'm sure US ones had a slightly modified case in that it had an extra
>'bump' in it!
>It's typical that all that stuff comes up when I don't have a job - I'd have
>all of it :)

 The main difference between the US and European Ace was that
the US one was slower and had a different divider circuit for
the video ( slower because of the crystal used to get video
right ). I have a US version but know people that have the
European version as well.
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