The internet 10 years ago

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Dec 2 17:13:01 2002

--- William Donzelli <> wrote:
> > 10 years ago, I was at Cray Research. We did trade shows over the
> internet
> > (might have been ARPA back then).
> Prolly NSFnet...ARPAnet by then was pretty much dead and buried.

My only personal contact with the ARPAnet was about 1986 - someone
else sent my name to a freeware author and suggested he send me
a copy of his program - 1.5MB of source and wrappers. My friend
got my address wrong, and to compound the error, he gave the author
a bang-path that routed over the ARPAnet to Ohio State (our upstream

The result was that 1.5MB of text came over the ARPAnet, through an X.25
gateway that OSU paid per-packet charges on, was UUCPed to our little
11/730 at work at 2400bps, *bounced*, then was returned through the same
route, in its entirety, to the sender. The mail/UUCP/netnews admin at
OSU was a friend of mine. I got the big *NEVER DO THIS AGAIN OR ELSE*
warning even though I had nothing to do with any of it.

ISTR it cost OSU around $200 in telecom charges for that fubar.

They didn't get a full-time, fixed-cost feed to "the Net" until a couple
of years after this happened.


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