OT: _spam_ (Fred N. van Kempen)

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Mon Dec 2 20:07:00 2002

 This has come up many times before and if it was true we would all
be receiving the same spam. Most of my spam lately has been from
people promoting how you can make millions of dollars on the i-net
if I just send $25 to this person who must have time enough from
making MILLIONS to spam others for 25 bucks, or the African
government scam where if I will allow them to use my acount I can
share in the MILLIONS secreted in an African account. Haven't even
got one lately from the Viagra people promising a new day if only I
try thier penile assistance, or SEXY NUDE TEENS ,awaiting my
perusal at a minimal fee.

 Newsgroups or websites are still rich areas to harvest and I don't
think we are a big enough source to glean, as yet.


> You could be correct, I have been recieving a ton of computer training
> spam.
> Rich
> >Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 18:00:01 +0100
> >From: "Fred N. van Kempen" <Fred.van.Kempen_at_microwalt.nl>
> >To: <cctalk_at_classiccmp.org>
> >Reply-To: cctalk_at_classiccmp.org
> >Hi all,
> >I have been checking some dates, and I'm quite sure that someone on
> >this list isn't for real, but a spam-address-collector instead. If I
> >post something on this list, I get spam pretty soon thereafter. And
> >yes, I varied my sender address (a little), and it takes over that
> >spelling.

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