RL02 Disk Cartridge Problems

From: Christopher McNabb <cmcnabb_at_4mcnabb.net>
Date: Mon Dec 2 20:42:23 2002

On Mon, 2002-12-02 at 21:24, John Lawson wrote:
> On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Christopher McNabb wrote:
> > When I put the cartridge in either of my drives, it spins up for a while
> > then the fault light comes on. This does not happen with any of the
> > other RL02 cartridges I have.
> >
> How long is a 'while'?

Probably between 30 and 45 seconds. I haven't timed it.

> Is a 'while' the same each time, or is it a variable amount of 'while'?

It is always the same. I think that maybe the drive thinks the disk is
not coming up to speed fast enough.

> Do your working disks function subsequently in the same drives, AFTER
> you try the bad one?

Yes, once I cycle power to the drive to clear the fault light. I wish I
knew a cleaner way to reset the fault light.

> Is there info on the disk you want, or just the platter itself? If the
> latter case, is there enough time to INIT it before it faults?

The label claims that the disk holds 'Stand-alone Forth', which may be
interesting. The ready light never comes on, just the fault light, so I
don't think I could INIT it if I wanted to.

> What machine model and hardware config are you using? What OS and
> version are you running? Do you have the DEC diagnostics?

The machine is a PDP-11/24 with one RA-80 and 2 RL-02 disks, 1024 KB
RAM, FPU, EIS, DZ11A. Running RSTS 9.2

> PS: How much didja pay for it? Just curious...

$9.95 plus $12.50 shipping.

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