OT: Spam Volume [Long]

From: Frank Schickel <schickel_at_psln.com>
Date: Mon Dec 2 23:44:00 2002

Hi all,
   Let me delurk for a moment and relate my experience with spam.
I don't think that I could even detect any increase in spam from
being a member of the list unless it was really severe. (One thing
I can point to that incresaed my load was someone from work got a
PC and started giving humor/joke/funny-bits sites my address rather
than sending me the link; make sure you tell friends *NEVER* give a
site your address so they can "share" the experience with you.)
   I bought McAfee's SpamKiller 4 months ago and, except for trouble
with my crappy dialup, look at it as a life-saver. I've been online
with the same email address for over 8 years, and in the beginning
was not as careful with it as I should have been. After running a
couple of months to make sure I had a good lock on classifications,
I ran SpamKiller for a week from an empty "killed" folder. After
a week I had 600+ messages in the killed folder, which would have
been more, if the phone line didn't keep conking out while SpamKiller
downloaded and filtered the mailbox.
   I think in the last year I have seen everything there is to see
in the way of spam, and if it weren't the fact that to stop the spam
*I* would have to give up *my* email address (just because some people
are stupid enough to respond to something that they receive in their
inbox) I would give up and roll over.
   Overall I would rate SpamKiller a 7+, higher if used on a DSL or
cable line (since if the line drops while it's downloading, it throws
it out of kilter and it may not filter all messages...). Setup is a
cinch, and it learns pretty quickly what to filter (filters available
on sender's address, subject line, substring in message, or *entire
domain*). Filter updates are downloadable that add/delete pre-
defined filters (only minus: thay don't show deleted filters, so you
never know why a filter would be deleted; and they don't say where
the filters are defined [back channel from installations?]).


PS. Some of my personal favorites are the "natural herbal products"
that can add either 2 cup sizes or 3+ inches; the various incarnations
of the Nigerian scam; and the kid that hides $71,000 in his closet
after earning it sending out emails.... The latest one that's high-
volume is the RC Mini Racers that are sold out at retail stores.

John Lawson wrote:

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> I have never found any correlation between classiccmp ad spam levels...
> I curently get one or two Nigerian offers a month, 7-10 Winning Poker ads,
> 7-10 Home Mortgage Refinance, an/or Ultimate Vacation Offer, and, lately,
> once or twice a week, some thoughful person offers to sell me some Stuff
> to make my YuNoWhat bigger... I don't know whether to to be flattered or
> offended - so I just delete it all.

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> Cheers
> John

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