HP 1000 diag library on 7900A disc

From: Glen Slick <glenslick_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Dec 3 20:16:01 2002


Do you have the ability to make a raw sector dump of a 7900A disc cartridge
to a file that can be read by a PC? I'm not sure how that would work, maybe
dump the 7900A disc cartridge to 9-track tape and read the tape with a PC
compatible tape drive, or something like that? I seem to recall seeing some
HP 1000 disk image files that were 20MB or so on the web somewhere but can't
find them now, so I think this can be done.

Anyway, if you could dump the HP 1000 diag library 7900A disc to a PC
readable file, I think the individual diagnostic images could probably be
extracted from it. If I read the diag manual right they should just be
saved on disk in standard absolue binary format, but with a three word
header which forms a linked list to the cyl/head/sector of the next diag
image in the list. (This is from the Diagnostic Configurator reference
manual, p/n 02100-90157)


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>Subject: Re: HP 2784B Paper Tape Reader on ebay
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>I have the complete HP diag library on 7900A disc cartridge. I can copy it
>to another 7900A disc cartridge, but then of course you have to have a
>drive to read it. I don't think the disc based diags can be copied to mag
>tape or paper tape, I seem to recall the diag manual saying this wasn't
>possible due to different formats. IF I've got it backwards (tape to disc
>vs. disc to tape), then it can be done but only if you boot up DOS or RTE
>first and use it to do the copies.
>Jay West

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