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Date: Wed Dec 4 10:07:14 2002

On 30 Nov 2002, at 15:44, Martin Marshall wrote:

> "Zane H. Healy" wrote:
> >
> > I've got a IBM 760CD Thinkpad that I want to try and replace the HD with a
> > larger one that I have on hand. After looking over the laptop carefully,
> > and trying to find info on the IBM website I'm left with one important
> > question. How on earth do I replace a HD on this model?
> >
> > Zane
> Start at:
> http://www.ibm.com/support/us/
> Click on Online Publications (on left), then select the model, etc.
> Select Hardware Maintenance Manual (8 MB pdf file). Look at FRU
> replacement - the keyboard has hinges at the rear and lifts from the
> front. The drive is under the keyboard.
> Martin

What he said. That, plus the drive is in a little carrier. If you get a
bare drive to replace it with, you'll need to do a few things to open
the cannister and replace the drive.

Very carefully lift the labels that act as seals, then gently pry the
plastic shell outwards and lift the metal shield out. (I think you
need to remove two screws on the header first, then be careful
while you remove the shield and drive. The header should just hang
on it's little ribbon cable.)

You should be able to pry the drive from the internal header, and
replace it with the new drive. Then carefully put all the other pieces
back, re-stick the labels ( or use electrical tape if you removed the
labels) and tighten up the screws on the external header. Then pop
the drive back in and go.

I've had a 760x and currently have a 760xd (that's what I'm using
right now) and have replaced drives on both.

Or, you could mail 'em to me, I'll do the swap, and mail 'em back,
no charge.

Paul Braun
Cygnus Productions
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