Xerox 860 IPS looking for a good home

From: PT <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 10:18:29 2002

Hi there,
   I'm not a member of the list, I found it through a Google search, but I'm trying to find a home for a Xerox 860 IPS that I have. Its been in storage for the last few years in my garage, but as far as I know it works (although I haven't turned it on in a very long time). I have the model with the portrait style screen, and I also have a daisy wheel printer, the system disks, word processing software, and the user manuals. There's even a slew of 8" disks that would go with it as well. I'd rather give this to an enthusiast, rather than just throwing it away. Its really a cool system and I think deserves better than that. I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, so keep that in mind. This thing is hideously expensive to ship anywhere; it'd have to be picked up.

   Let me know if anyone would like this beastie. Also, because I'm not on the list you should respond to my home e-mail rather than to just the list; otherwise, I won't see your response.

   -Pat Thielen-

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